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Spuria Iris

Spuria Iris are the tallest of all Iris, growing to 1.5m with elegant flowers and attractive foliage.

Spuria Iris require full sun and good drainage. Spuria Iris prefer a dry summer so are well suited to many areas of Australia. Leave undisturbed and allow to form large clumps for a great display. Once established, they provide beautiful bloom over an extended period towards the end of the bearded iris season. They die down and go dormant over summer and at this stage require little or no watering.

The only problem with them is the small possibility of fungal diseases in autumn when the new shoots appear. This is a problem in high humidity areas and the application of a fungicide in late summer is recommended. We cannot guarantee to replace plants lost through fungal diseases so please give these iris the little extra care that they need in humid areas. Well rotted compost dug into the soil before planting will be beneficial to growth. Plant 5-10cms below ground level and water well when establishing for best results. Fertilise lightly with slow release, organic or inorganic fertilisers.

Foliage is beautiful through winter and large clumps are a landscaping delight. They also make good cut flowers, cut before blooms fully open.