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awesome-candy-resizedDaylilies are very easy to grow and their cultural requirements are few but like most perennials they will give a more rewarding display if they are given care and attention. They are virtually disease and pest free and will grow anywhere in Australia. Snails and slugs can be a problem in among the plants but they rarely touch the flowers. Aphids can be a problem but are readily controlled. Spider mites can be a problem in hot dry weather conditions and will need to be attended to. They can be controlled naturally, by introducing predators or by using chemical sprays.

The daylily crown should be planted about 2cm below ground level and plants separated by 60cm to 80cm in a well-worked soil which has been improved by compost or manure. We use a slow release fertilizer at planting time to ensure good early and continued growth. The plants should be well watered until growth starts and they then should be treated to normal good garden care for best results. They will, however, withstand drought and will also grow well in wet conditions.

Most varieties give their best display in full sun but again, they will grow well in semi-shade. We fertilize established clumps with Dynamic Lifter in late winter/early spring and again in late summer/early autumn. This seems to give the best results.

Flower size, growth and quantity of bloom will depend on time of planting, weather and cultural conditions. Best results will be obtained on second and third years clumps. Clumps are best divided after 3 or 4 years to maintain optimum flowers size, quality and quantity.