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About Rainbow Ridge Nursery

Rainbow Ridge Nursery is primarily a family-run mail order nursery specialising in modern iris. The nursery started in the 1970s and is now one of the largest suppliers of these plants in Australia. The Nursery’s aim is to supply top quality plants of varieties suited to Australian conditions at competitive prices.

Orders can be placed by mail, fax or email at any time of the year or by phone during normal business hours (10am to 4pm Monday to Friday except public holidays). Payment is required to confirm orders. We will collate orders in order of receipt and start dispatching orders approximately mid to late November. No orders will be dug until after the bloom season.

Rainbow Ridge Nursery has a long history of breeding and introducing world class Tall Bearded, Louisiana and Californian iris. Our Tall Bearded iris have won numerous awards in Australia and overseas. Our Louisiana iris are recognised as being the best in the world. As well as our own Tall Bearded iris we also offer the best Tall Bearded iris from other breeders including those from the US. Our Californian iris have created interest around the world due to advances in form and colour pattern.

Potted Californian iris will be available at the NSW Regional ISA annual show and it various open days in spring (further details see the catalogue). Bare rooted plants can be ordered at any time but will only be dispatched in MAY/JUNE 2019 when the plants are semi dormant.